A Fast, Open Source JavaScript, Canvas & Audio Implementation

Project maintained by Wizcorp


Getting Started

Read the readme.md

Example Application

An example application is included in the project/android/ folder and an android.apk is included in the /bin folder.

API Documentation


Contributions are very welcome. Unlike larger projects, we don't use JIRA or anything. We have a simple road map sheet here which links up with issues on the Github repository. Currently only contributors can edit this document.


The software license for this software is MIT.

Authors and Contributors

Ejecta-X is currently maintained by @wizcorp's Ally (@aogilvie|twitter) and Jerome (@jrouault). Thanks also to @3dseals for the initial open source publication.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with Ejecta-X? You can raise an issue on Github. Contributions are always welcome.